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Professional Experience

I have experience in various different aspects of software development.

Backend Development

Worked with Java EE/JAX-RS 2.0 and Spring Security. Using Hibernate for ORM. Host application on Google App Engine.

Desktop Application Development

Developed many applications, including a gui form editor and a Java source code generator for Java EE.

Web/Mobile Application Development

Years of experience building web applications. Leading a team with maximum 9 members developing web/wap applications. I have created many web applications and sites with responsive web design. Extensive experience in jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap 2.x/3.x and AngularJS 1.x.

Game Development

Created a full featured game editor and game engine. Leading a team with maximum 23 members developing Java ME mobile game.

Multimedia Application Development

Created a popular application named CDmet, a CD player Windows application. Architected and developed a video clip editor.

Tool Development

Developed many tools and libraries for node and web platform. Most notables are globjoin, regexgen.js, gulp-chef, mocha-cases, json-regulator and json-normalizer.


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